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41148: Gorgeous and Strange Cinematic Experience

With this mystical strength from Iran, you will catch a glimpse of the truth of our world. When you hear “point-and-click puzzle game”, what comes to your mind? Maybe it’s Machinarium with the romantic and interesting storyline? Maybe it’s Botanicula with vivid characterization and humorous actions? Or even The Silent Age full of mysteries and

Connect with people who play 41148 around the world

Gamers in different countries with different languages are playing 41148 and you can contact with them to share your ideas with them or ask for a walkthrough. Complete 41148 Video Walkthrough, by: Pyramid Peak on Youtube English Walkthrough for 41148, by: NothingViral (Text) Chinese Walkthrough for 41148 : On TapTap market Russian Walkthrough for 41148

Interview with Tehran Game Festival

Mahdi Fanaei is a well-known indie developer who has done well with the mobile game series “41148”. Fanaei has participated in the 6th Tehran Game Festival with the third and fourth episode of 41148. In an interview with the information work group of the Tehran Game Festival, he stated that any movement in support of

How I almost went to prison over my controversial game

In the beginning, there was just love… I saw my first and true love at my uncle’s house when I was just 5 years old. She was squared shaped and ugly! But I loved her. A love at first sight! I asked my uncle about her name and he said: “it’s Atari!” A few years